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Halo 4

I’m having a fucking hard time trying ti buy Halo 2. But I can’t find it anywhere! On marketplace the sell all the other Halo games, but not nr2!! FUU… I can’t find it at any  (norwegian) onlinestores either. Help?

But anyways, googling Halo2, Halo 4 suddely pops up at an online store. It’s probably old news but, they said the launch date was 17 february. But many other pages says september.  Anyone know anything about it?

Looks pretty sweet! John-117 is badass as ever. I want to continue playing, but since the second game is a fucking (where is)waldo, I guess I’ll have to put it on hold. To bad.


Manly man is manly!

For those who have’nt discovered this awesome webcomic yet. Here is Manly guys doing manly things! on the picture


It’s a weekly update, with game-inspired jokes. Pokemon, fps, manly canadiens and a lot of BADASS!
Read, read, read, read, read!

(Magikarp <3)

Comander Badass, the man of my dreams.

Yeah me!

I just ordered Tomb Raider: trilogy! And I found it very cheap at the internet too! I am sooo happy! I guess mass effect and gears of war will have to wait. When i first played throug Tomb Raider: underworld, I set the whole game openmouthed, staring my eyes out/dry (whetev)! Tomb Raider is visually, the prettiest game I’ve (ever) played! And Lara is looking hot as ever. She is one of my favourite gamecharakters. She has everything. Brains, body, and boobs. Money, cool gears and loyal friendssss.

Tomb Raider: Underworld
Visually: 6/6
(Prettiest game ever! She is hot, the surroundings is breathtaking, and you can tell by a glimse that they have woked hard to give you a wonderfull experience. It’s just gorgeous.)
Story: 6/6 (Even tho I have not played the other games, it was still awesome. It’s hard to leave the tv, hit the pause button or just simly glimpse away. You want to follow Lara  through the whole story. The cuts scenes are fantastic, the music is thrilling and all the puzzels are exciting!)
Controlls: 4/6 (Sometimes a wonderfull game can have some downsides. In underworld, this is almost the only one. Sometimes it’s hard to controll Laras movements, and there is a couple of places you really get to test your patience. Fall seven times, stand up eight.)
Camera: 5/6 (Its easy most of the time to look around and have a nice view. But sometimes, if you’re standing in a corner or crawling through a cave, the camera sometimes closeups in Laras face, making it hard to see where you are going. )
Charackter(s): 5/6 (Lara is THE most awesome person you can play as. You can’t disagree. She have the moves, the body and strength. She does’nt say much when you play(usually just groan if she gets hurt), but in the cutscenes, you’ll get to know her, her brightness and her varm heart. In underworld, you play as Lara only, something i think is a good thing. She is a lone wolf after all. )

Did i ragequit? No!
(+) HOTHOTHOT! Beautifull surrandings, awesome story!
(-)Sometimes hard to control Lara, sometimes the camera is being a retard
In the end: 6/6 (You can’t let the (sometimes bad)control get to you. Its an awesome game! I loved every minute. Don’t let a minor minus ruin such a great game experience!)

Halo Anniversary

I am disappointed. Everybody talked so much about how great it was. But compered with Reach, it did’nt live up to the expectations. But I’m sure that this was a groundbreaking game when it was released ten years ago. Ofc, I played through it, and i did like it. But i expected so much more. It was very much of the same thing over and over again. All the floors had the same look, the same enemies. The attacked me at the same way and so on.

I dont want to say to much before I have played through 2 and 3. And 3 looks pretty awesome. Should I buy it right now, or should a wait? I have just stareted playing mass effect, but i ragequit (reason uninporten).  And I have the first Gears of war, which is still in plastic. I want so many games right now.

Anyone who has any thoughts about the game(s)?

Halo: The fall of Reach

Today I bouLegends are not simply born...ght myself this book; HALO: THE FALL OF REACH. So far I have only read three chapters, but so far so good!
Legends are not simply born They are willed into existence.


It’s about how Dr. Halsey starts the spartan-program, and how MasterChief is choosen and trained. As the bookcover says: This is the story of John, Spartan-117… the master chief, and about the battles that brought humanity face to face with its possible extencion.

I’m looking forward to reading the rest! And then maybe the rest of the serie. The fall of Reach is only the first of seven books! Anyone read them and have som comments to share?


I wanted a FIRST! meme picture, but i couldt find any. 😦

Not that i looked very hard eiter. But it wayyy to late, g’nite.