Halo Anniversary

I am disappointed. Everybody talked so much about how great it was. But compered with Reach, it did’nt live up to the expectations. But I’m sure that this was a groundbreaking game when it was released ten years ago. Ofc, I played through it, and i did like it. But i expected so much more. It was very much of the same thing over and over again. All the floors had the same look, the same enemies. The attacked me at the same way and so on.

I dont want to say to much before I have played through 2 and 3. And 3 looks pretty awesome. Should I buy it right now, or should a wait? I have just stareted playing mass effect, but i ragequit (reason uninporten).  And I have the first Gears of war, which is still in plastic. I want so many games right now.

Anyone who has any thoughts about the game(s)?


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