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pokemon and samurai warriors!

Are you guys seeing this?! It’s a new pokemon game, but it’s not of the regular type. It’s a “role-playing simulation game”. And I’m not sure if it will be released in Europe.

Here is some links:


Some links with information:


Finally, the last profession for guild wars 2 have been released! It is probably a long time ago, since I’m not checking the page as much as I used to. But hey, cool bro! It seems like a cool profession, playing around with peoples heads, making their mind go all bananas! Illusions and mind-tricks!

Who is gonna try out guild wars 2? If yes, wich profession and wich race? ๐Ÿ™‚


Reminds me of myself!

Only I asked for pokemon card. I turned 20 this summer, and my parents asked me what I wanted for mye birthday. And in a totally serious tone I said; Pokemon card. My dad flipped, telling me I was waaaay to old for pokemon. But hey, what can I say? Pokemon is the shit! Btw, I got infamous 2 and gears of war 3 epic edition for christmas! Hope you all got what you where wishing for and had a fantastic time with your loved ones. Happy holiday โค

Happy holiday!

Sorry, I have been having so much to do. Working every day, my grand grandma died, and tonns of other stuff. But I’ll start writing again from tomorrow. Happy Holiday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Best fighting game?

So who is looking forward to the next soul calibur game? ‘cus I am! My brother gave me the fourth game to chrsitmas last year. And I love creating my own charakter! And the fact that they also fight with weapons. And I loOove weapons.

So there is a lot of different fighting games out there. Tekken, street fighter, soul calibur, mortal kombat, king of fighers,ย  dead or alive(!) and some will even say super smach bros: brawl.

How can a game so simple, bring out the best and worst in people? For me its only buttonsmashing. But for some its serious shit, trust me I know. i Watched a tournament one time. Holy shit, all the yelling and cheering and screaming. But it was really fun! And all the techniques and stuff. Havent it been for the commentator explaining it all, I never would have believed it was so much work behind the button smashing!

For me fighting games will always be button smashing. And to play as my self will be the most badass. So as my nr 1 fighting game, I will have to say soul calibur. Now tell me why I should change my opinion!

peace out