Games of 2011!

o 2011 have soon passed. And this year many great games was released! Not only did I bought a lot of games, I also bought a Wii and a Xbox. -proud mommy-

So my third favorit game of 2011 is Tomb Raider trilogy! Awesome stories. I got a little sick of the regular fps, so the tomb raider games was a great game to move a little away from that. Lara croft ❤

The second game is Fable III. The pc version was released in may this year. LOONG after the xbox release. The reason i bought it for my computer was that I didn't own a xbox at that time, and I was almost never home. I worked three weeks in a row, and had one week vacation. All the fable games is insta win ❤

And First!! Dun-dun dun! BULLETSTORM! I fucking love that game, it's AWESOME, BADASS, MESSED-UP and fucking hilerious! I was sick one week, I played that game three times in a row. I knew the robot/dinosaur song, some of the quotes. And i laughed my way through it all! Merry me Greyson Hunt ❤

Some other games worth mentioning:
Mw3: Ofc I enjoyed playing through. But the second game is better, both in campaign and in spec ops.

Pokemon black/white: I love the story. The pokemon themself is not much to brag about… But the story is good.

Halo anniversary: Halo is luuuv ❤ But the first game didn't live up to the expectations. Still a good game tho!

I know there's a lot more games that should be mentioned here. But after a year in the norwegian air force, i missed a lot of gameing time! Very sad i know. But I'm working hard to earn money to buy more awesome games now! Yeah me.

Feel free to write about your favorit game, and tell me what my next game should be!
Have a nice day 🙂


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