Catfight! Rawr!

In the world of gaming, there are plenty of awesome, badass, lameass, crybabies, bitches or just plane cute girls!
You have a few very badass/awesome girls. Who do everything them selv. And you have the bitches that complaints, are terrible to work with or just stupid. My idol when i was younger was Lara Croft. No kidding. The other girls wanted to be a princess, I wanted to be tomb raider. No kidding. But then, we all know that I’m not normal. After playing metroid, my idol was Samus Aran.

I hate complainants or weak sidekicks. When playing through Fable, you meet this girl Whisper. -HATE HER- She coplains, is big mouthed, loud and useless. Girls in movies. Hate’em. Always weak and need someone to protect them. I’m the kind og girl thats get mad at movies when the girl is useless and can’t protect her selv. Hit that guy in the face!!! Shoot his knees!!!

I’m I the only one?!
With that of the record, who do you think is the most badass girl( from games and movies)?! 😀 Lara croft maybe? Or perhaps the badass, lonely wolf Samus Aran? Or maybe you’re more of the silent, but deadly type, like Gogo. Or more like the smart and brave Hermione! Choice is yours!




One thought on “Catfight! Rawr!

  1. What about FF13, alot of cool women there who dont B**** or complaint about evry little detail or that their nails break ;D

    And women in movies are helpless cuz most men want to protect, and many women want to be protected, as you said most of your friends when u were younger wanted to be princesses, and there aint a whole lot of gun slinging babe-a-licious princesses out there.

    Btw, cool blog gonna be fun to read…

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