Lmao – girl gamers, they do exist!

I’m laughing my ass of. I found my blog linked to a norwegian gamer/news/whatevva site. And some of the boys there keep talking about that there are so few girl gamers. But guys, just open your eyes, there are more girls that play games that you think. My MOM, my dear mother played games long before some of you where even born! Me and my (female)cousin play all the time! Just recently I watched her buy some new games for her xbox. I have many female friends that plays.

So I tell me, because I really don’t get it. How come I always hear “srsly, you play games?!” when i meet new people? When I know so many girlgamers! And I’m single! And have been for a while now. Can’t say its a powerboost when trying to hit on someone. You guys complains about to few girlgamers, but you don’t take the opportunity when its stroking your back! Lmao!

Girl gamers pwnz ❤



3 thoughts on “Lmao – girl gamers, they do exist!

  1. Um yeah no. Girl gamers are everywhere, and REALLY obnoxious about being “girl gamers you guys~” like “YES I AM A GIRL AND I PLAY VIDEO GAMES!!” So fucking what.

    Please don’t become like that, darlin’

  2. When I grew up, in the early/mid 90’s there were not as many female gamers as today, and most men (god bless us :D). I have gottent he news, a few years ago, and I am delighted! More female gamers, less hate/diss towards them!

    I have played with and against many people of both genders and dont mind beeing beaten by some1 better then me. But alot of guys are very “macho” and cant take it, some are delighted!

    Just say Fuck You to the haters and join us who loves ya girls!
    Peace Love & Respect

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