What type of gamer are you?

xbox, ps3, wii or PC?

I’m kinda all. I don’t like playing on PC tho. But if I have no choice I’ll do it. It’s easy to bring other places, and you have like a HUNDRED ( *A* ) buttons to smash, instead of just a few like on the controllers.

My favorite is PS3. Since i grew up with one. But I think xbox is pretty good too. I can’t say so much about the wii. Since I’m not used to it yet.

What do you like, and why?


BTW ITS CHEAP GAMES ON LEFDAL IN SKI!!!! BILLIGE SPILL PÅ LEFDAL! 199KR FOR MASS EFFECT 2, LEFT 4 DEAD 2 OG ET SPILL TIL! SALG!!! (Det kommer også flere spill etterhvert. Oppdater når jeg vet noe mer:)



3 thoughts on “What type of gamer are you?

  1. I’m definitely a PS3 gamer for the most part. I RARELY game on my PC and I have five other consoles but it’s almost always the PS3 I’m on. I think mostly because of my current-gen consoles, I’ve had it the longest, so I tend to spend more time on it by default.

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