I’m Back!

The reason I haven’t written anything the last week is cause I have been on Egypt!

I must say, it was amazing! Here in Norway we have snow and minus degrees. But in Egypt, it was “the coldest winter” in three years, With “only” +27C! It was a vacation, so it was only beach, sun and shopping all the way! It have been little time for gaming and computer-stuff, not that it was much of both to be found there. I found one store that sold tv’s… I’m soon done reading my halo book, and I’m almost done playing Ace attorney: apollo justice! Freaking love that game! Things are moving slow,  only play/read when I’m riding with the train or in the car. But the book is very good! For all Halo fans out there, is worth reading!!! (The three “!” is there for a reason)

So I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow, smell yah 🙂


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