Mad crazy!

I bought six games today! O EM GE!
I bought gears of war 2, for 149,- (Preused) and then  I bought some cheap, used games from someone my father know. I paid 120,- for Timeshift, call of juarez; bound in blood, Bayonetta, dead space, and the orange box. That’s cheap! I already have the orange box, so Im selling it. I also have dead space, but I bought it a long time ago for 29,- or something for my computer. And I don’t like playing on my computer…


So not much more to tell. Im considering buying a 3DS, but Im low on cash.

Its not that much new gaming-news. Some about  the new Soul calibur game, and a little about final fantasy 13. Halo 4 is getting “close”. I need to get the second game. Please help!


So have anybody heard a deadmans gun from red dead redemption? I need some more awesome music. Any ideas?


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