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Dead space 2

Have anybody played it? Because I “miss” playing the first game, and I want to know if the second game is worth the money and time. Plz help!

The trailer look pretty neat tho. Tell me what you think.


Been a long time!

And I am terrible sorry. I have been away for a week, getting my driver linens. So now I can drive around being cool. I was in Brønnøysund, which seriously looks like a winter wonderland or a scene taken out of movie.

I had a good time, but not much gaming or lolz were made. So now I need to catch up for stolen time. And since I made it, I want to give my self a present. any ideas?

Happy Valentine

I am forever alone today, now more than ever. My pet (dessert)rat died yesterday, almost 5 years old. I am now home alone, being sick. I finished playing gears of war3 the other day. And I needed something to keep my mind occupied, so now I am playing dead space. I probably should not, since whenever I get sick, I get terrified by the smallest things. A few years ago I thought half life was scary as shit, just because I was ill.


But whatevva, here is something awesome; This would be the most awesome place to play apocalypse. Sneaking around, sleeping in broken houses and so on.


Awesome card?! One of my friends linked it to me. I wish someone would make a card like this to me!

Infamous 2!

InFamous 2

Visual: 6/6 (It’s very good! It’s a little better than the first games, with more varied surroundings. It’s still a lot of urban scenery, but there is also a swamp and a drowned ghetto.)

Story: 6/6 ( Still in love! Cole is still awesome, not much have changed there. The main story is at least as good as the first one. You can choose between continue on Cole from the first game, or you can start over. The side missions now how more different story. And it’s not always the same people greeting you. That is a very nice add. Karma still is a bitch. If you enjoyed the first game, you need to play this!)

controls: 6/6 (Not much have change since last. It is easy to manoeuver Cole. Can be a bit messy sometimes, now that he gets more and different power that before.)

Camera: 6/6 (Still a pleasure! Not much have changed here either. I had a camera glitch on time. But nothing else worth mention it.I just turned my ps3 off and on)

characters: 6/6 (There are now more characters in the game. You meet some new -and fab- girls! You meet some old friends. Zeke is still with you, and he also do some work on his own. )

Ragequit? Nope!
(+) Even greater than the first game!
( -)

6/6, ding ding ding we have a winner!

Supah powas!

So I just watched wanted, and that’s a pretty cool “super powers”. And I have ALWAYS dreamed about having some powers. A lot of games have people with super powers. Now tell me about some good games, and tell me what kind of super power you would have wanted! 🙂