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I think youre gonna like this 😀 ^



remember wich game this song is used in?

It’s a very sad moment in the game…

When I was little

I had three dreams.
1. To become a sniper
2. To be a tomb raider…
and 3. To drive in a jet fighter.

I have kinda accomplished them all. Through games. ❤

In my later years, I also wanted to be a soldier (check), shoot with a sniper (check(12.7)). And be a door gunner. Not check. But on the other side, in call of duty, I can check that of the list.I love games. It is like the life I always wanted. With unlimited life.

So next time somebody asks me why I play games, or want me to get a live. I will answer: I have plenty of life. And I am living the dream.

(In your face mom/dad)


Tell me about your favorite gaming-memory!


My cousin and I played bioshock today, and it’s so addictive! I think we played for like six hours straight. Next time I’ll dress up, it will be as little sister. I have so many games to play, I just wished I had more time to play. …*kremt* white people problem.. I guess I’ll need a daddy then 😉

I know I am late

And all of you probably knew it already, because it’s frikin’ everywhere. But I am running out of things to write about, so please give me a comment about what you would like me to write about!

So here ladies and gentlemen, the old news you all have been waiting for (Feeling kinda like a slowpoke here);

DIABLO III! dun dun dun!!1

release date: 15 may 🙂


I got my Halo 2: limited edition on thursday! Whoop whoop! I have not played it yet tho, I want to finnish playing dead space 2.

But there is one game that have caught many eyes lately. I am alive. Have anybody tried it yet?

It seems to be a huge gap if you like it or not. Maybe because it’s different? I don’t know. So tell me what you think!