Challange accepted!

Today I asked my cousin what to write about since I’m visit her and her sister. Michelle and Jeanette, are two of my best buddies, and we speak about anything. (Don’t worry, I’m not getting all girly here.) My awesome cousin Jeanette is a killer on the guitar and has a really nice voice, and she knows pokemon themes and the gummibears melody on guitar! Badass! Her little sister Michelle gets her ass kick at lot. All by me ofc, some friendly violence is good for toughen up others. We usually have tickle fights. Guess who always win. (Protip: It’s not her.)

Bonzo the cutest dog lives, and whenever I’m walking with him, I feel like I’m in the fable games, with my loyal companion. He is so friendly, and he never runs away. Best dog everrrrrr. I feel so cool. x)

I’m gonna stay here for a while, so there will not be much gaming while I’m visiting. But I will try my best to give you some news on the upcoming games.

Halo 4, secret world(19 june), guild wars 2, and tomb raider just to have mention some.


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