Ta da!

Here is a new picture of me from “hype”. As I promised! I’m kinda proud of it, because I’m not the person to put an effort into something like this.

But I think it looks good. Good to be me at least! So enjoy!

Me as the awesome Lara Croft / tomb raider
Me as the awesome Lara Croft / tomb raider 🙂

Pix or it didn’t happen!

As i promised! But no laughing!
To put it like this; I’m not very good at making stuff. But I’m pretty happy with the outcome. I got a lot of comments, and some people asked me for an intervju. But i hate cameras, so i run away .
Lara Croft – Tomb raider anniversary 🙂
(Not a very serious picture!)

Bye bye ~


He is my favorite charakter from nintendo! He is so cuuute~
I’m watching my cousin play mario kart on my new wii. She keep saying “they’re friends, why do they want to hurt eachother?” and “This is too dificult! I told you that!” She is only 6 years old.

Today i finnished Tomb Raider anniversary. It was pretty good. I like underworld better tho..
I like the before and after pictures. It’s incredible how far we have come in 15 years!

I liked the bossfights and the slowmotion scenes! Anyways, Lara croft is badass!


Playing of course! Tomb Raider Anniversary is pretty good. But I still think underworld is better.
I’m working alot this month, and I have not got my  driverlicense yet, so I nead to read for that as well. And thats not easy with so many great games waiting for me. And on top of that. There is a game expo on december the 1oth(In oslo / oslo kongressenter). I was thinking to dreass up as a game heroine. (10 Points to the person who guess which;)  My outfit is halfway done, i just need to finnish the belt. Hint: Badass!

For more information about the game expo visit (Or click on the picture)

Tomb Raider

Just arrived in the mail! I am Thrilled, my ps3 is updating, so that the only thing keeping me away from playing. Those who wants a good place to order cheap games, and fast from.! I ordered it late thuesday night, and got it now. I’m not  quite sure where to start, but I’ll guess I’ll go for anniversary, it’s my favourite outfit after all.

The trailer for the new Tomb Raider game. I get the chills every time i watch it!
It was btw this trailer that made me want to play Tomb Raider in the first place. My mom played when I was younger. Like 15 years ago. I always hide behind the couch when the dinosaurs came. Good memories.

So which is your favorite game, and why? 🙂