Call of booty

Assassins need loves too, epic hickey, and my personal favorite; hey, low reach. All of this are signs I found while playing InFamous 2! This post will be about game nr one. And the next post will be about nr two 🙂


Visual: 5/6 (It’s very good! A lot of details, the charakters looks good. The story is in a broken down city(three actually), so it’s not “beautiful”, but still awesome. The urban sircumstances, are tho breathtaking, and well done.)

Story: 6/6 (Love it! Cole is my new hero! I love karma-choices, so you can choose between good and evil, or something in between. I took all the side-missions, and they are pretty much the same. But they only take a couple of minuttes. The main story, is very good. You get more power as you go, and more responsibility. There was a couple of times I dint know what to do, Some of the karma-choises was mean!)

Controlls: 6/6 (Easy! It was a true pleasure to play! It was not messy with all the powers, and he was easy to controll! I was climbing around like a boss. I seriously wish I had those powers. Climbing around, jumping from building to building. daydreaming…)

Camera: 6/6 (That to was a pleasure! Tps view, camera + controlls = ❤ Easy to look around, and get a nice view. Almost to easy to spot enemies behind the corners and stuff, but the things that makes life easier, Me gusta. )

Charakters: 5/6 (Cole is awesome. I would have married him if I could (the good one at least). He is calm, cool and good looking. There is only three other charakters worth mention. Zeke, Coles bestfriend. Thrish, Coles girlfriend. And Moya. You never meet her in the game, but she is guiding you through the game. You also have John, but you only meet him at the end. And some badguys. The side-missions people are all the same. I meet the same lady 5 times, this old man acouple of times and so on. The people wandering the street are all the same.)

Ragequit? Nope!
(+) Cole is cool, his powers are fuckings badass. I’ll never underestimate lightning again! Story is awesome. Camera and controls are good!
(- ) Kinda boring to meet the same people again and again. The side missions could have been more different/difficult.

5/6, love it or hate it!


I want-

many things! But for the moment, a new pokemon game! I wish it was a pokemon rpg I could play. I know someone was making something like that, but I don’t know how it turned out. Found some online games on google, but I wont try it out. For now.

Tell me, is there any pokefans out there?! What kind of pokemon/team do you use? 😀

I’m Back!

The reason I haven’t written anything the last week is cause I have been on Egypt!

I must say, it was amazing! Here in Norway we have snow and minus degrees. But in Egypt, it was “the coldest winter” in three years, With “only” +27C! It was a vacation, so it was only beach, sun and shopping all the way! It have been little time for gaming and computer-stuff, not that it was much of both to be found there. I found one store that sold tv’s… I’m soon done reading my halo book, and I’m almost done playing Ace attorney: apollo justice! Freaking love that game! Things are moving slow,  only play/read when I’m riding with the train or in the car. But the book is very good! For all Halo fans out there, is worth reading!!! (The three “!” is there for a reason)

So I’ll be back to normal by tomorrow, smell yah 🙂

Lmao – girl gamers, they do exist!

I’m laughing my ass of. I found my blog linked to a norwegian gamer/news/whatevva site. And some of the boys there keep talking about that there are so few girl gamers. But guys, just open your eyes, there are more girls that play games that you think. My MOM, my dear mother played games long before some of you where even born! Me and my (female)cousin play all the time! Just recently I watched her buy some new games for her xbox. I have many female friends that plays.

So I tell me, because I really don’t get it. How come I always hear “srsly, you play games?!” when i meet new people? When I know so many girlgamers! And I’m single! And have been for a while now. Can’t say its a powerboost when trying to hit on someone. You guys complains about to few girlgamers, but you don’t take the opportunity when its stroking your back! Lmao!

Girl gamers pwnz ❤