10 kr for shitloads with games on lefdal Ski! Serious! O EM GE. I bought 8 games. It was a lot of different games. WII, xbox, ps3, go and have a look guys!


Mad crazy!

I bought six games today! O EM GE!
I bought gears of war 2, for 149,- (Preused) and thenĀ  I bought some cheap, used games from someone my father know. I paid 120,- for Timeshift, call of juarez; bound in blood, Bayonetta, dead space, and the orange box. That’s cheap! I already have the orange box, so Im selling it. I also have dead space, but I bought it a long time ago for 29,- or something for my computer. And I don’t like playing on my computer…


So not much more to tell. Im considering buying a 3DS, but Im low on cash.

Its not that much new gaming-news. Some aboutĀ  the new Soul calibur game, and a little about final fantasy 13. Halo 4 is getting “close”. I need to get the second game. Please help!


So have anybody heard a deadmans gun from red dead redemption? I need some more awesome music. Any ideas?

I fuc*ing LOVE SALE!

Happy day! Happy ending!

I past my theory test, for my driver license today! Yei me!
After that, I celebrated with some shopping! And I bought so much! It s iincredible what you can find on sale, and for so little!

The most interesting for you readers is probably the two games I bought!
Left 4 dead 2 and Assassins creed II, white edition. So I got this nice Ezio 20cm figurine!

So as I told you earlier this week, there is a lot of sale on Lefdal Ski. So if you live close by, you should go and take a look!


Some inside information: Lefdal Ski is gonna have a lot of sale on games the next couple of weeks! Atm you can get Army of two 2(xbox and ps3) and Kane and lynch 2 (ps3 only) for 49kr!

Just to make it clear! Army of two and Kane and Lynch for 49kr! Lefdal ski!

There will be more sales, and I’ll keep you posted every time there is some new games!