I (almost) cried the other day

I read an article about bulletstorm 2. It have been canceled. šŸ˜„ I was so looking forward to playing as Hunt again. So for the love of God, I hope they one day find out that they want to start over with the project.





remember wich game this song is used in?

It’s a very sad moment in the game…

When I was little

I had three dreams.
1. To become a sniper
2. To be a tomb raider…
and 3. To drive in a jet fighter.

I have kinda accomplished them all. Through games. ā¤

In my later years, I also wanted to be a soldier (check), shoot with a sniper (check(12.7)). And be a door gunner. Not check. But on the other side, in call of duty, I can check that of the list.I love games. It is like the life I always wanted. With unlimited life.

So next time somebody asks me why I play games, or want me to get a live. I will answer: I have plenty of life. And I am living the dream.

(In your face mom/dad)


Tell me about your favorite gaming-memory!

Help me

IĀ  need a new web comic to read. Someone give me a tip! (I’m visiting my grandmother’s house, and I need something to make the time pass.

I went to the movies today!

And I saw Chronicle, and I think it’s a pretty good one! If you have the opportunity, you should go and watch it! šŸ™‚

And btw, I finnaly bought halo 2! I am so happy, I’m waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Can’t wait!