I didnt come this far to die now!

So I just finished playing Gears of war, and I don’t have the second game(only the first and third. Silly me) So until i get the, i will be chillaxing with some zombie slaying in Left 4 dead 2! I already have it on steam, but as I have mention earlier, I prefer xbox/ps3.

So is there any more zombieslayer fans out there? Because I loOove killing zombies! My favorite hobby!
I have the “zombie guide” books, and a lot of zombie movies. I have even lectured in zombie killing as an “expert” on this norwegian “geek-con”.

So tell me, wich is your favorite; Left 4 dead or Left 4 dead 2. And is there any other good zombie games I should play?


And here, just for the lolz:



What type of gamer are you?

xbox, ps3, wii or PC?

I’m kinda all. I don’t like playing on PC tho. But if I have no choice I’ll do it. It’s easy to bring other places, and you have like a HUNDRED ( *A* ) buttons to smash, instead of just a few like on the controllers.

My favorite is PS3. Since i grew up with one. But I think xbox is pretty good too. I can’t say so much about the wii. Since I’m not used to it yet.

What do you like, and why?


BTW ITS CHEAP GAMES ON LEFDAL IN SKI!!!! BILLIGE SPILL PÅ LEFDAL! 199KR FOR MASS EFFECT 2, LEFT 4 DEAD 2 OG ET SPILL TIL! SALG!!! (Det kommer også flere spill etterhvert. Oppdater når jeg vet noe mer:)


Best fighting game?

So who is looking forward to the next soul calibur game? ‘cus I am! My brother gave me the fourth game to chrsitmas last year. And I love creating my own charakter! And the fact that they also fight with weapons. And I loOove weapons.

So there is a lot of different fighting games out there. Tekken, street fighter, soul calibur, mortal kombat, king of fighers,  dead or alive(!) and some will even say super smach bros: brawl.

How can a game so simple, bring out the best and worst in people? For me its only buttonsmashing. But for some its serious shit, trust me I know. i Watched a tournament one time. Holy shit, all the yelling and cheering and screaming. But it was really fun! And all the techniques and stuff. Havent it been for the commentator explaining it all, I never would have believed it was so much work behind the button smashing!

For me fighting games will always be button smashing. And to play as my self will be the most badass. So as my nr 1 fighting game, I will have to say soul calibur. Now tell me why I should change my opinion!

peace out