Zombies 😀


I didnt come this far to die now!

So I just finished playing Gears of war, and I don’t have the second game(only the first and third. Silly me) So until i get the, i will be chillaxing with some zombie slaying in Left 4 dead 2! I already have it on steam, but as I have mention earlier, I prefer xbox/ps3.

So is there any more zombieslayer fans out there? Because I loOove killing zombies! My favorite hobby!
I have the “zombie guide” books, and a lot of zombie movies. I have even lectured in zombie killing as an “expert” on this norwegian “geek-con”.

So tell me, wich is your favorite; Left 4 dead or Left 4 dead 2. And is there any other good zombie games I should play?


And here, just for the lolz:


The last of us

Looks like an _awesome_ game! I’m really looking forward to it!

The game will be for ps3 only and will be for 18+. It’s a zombie apocalpyse game, just the way I lik’em! the official site with trailer. I get the chills every time I watch it, enjoy!

Any other zombie games/movies/comics i should write about?