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I got my Halo 2: limited edition on thursday! Whoop whoop! I have not played it yet tho, I want to finnish playing dead space 2.

But there is one game that have caught many eyes lately. I am alive. Have anybody tried it yet?

It seems to be a huge gap if you like it or not. Maybe because it’s different? I don’t know. So tell me what you think!


I love this “movie”

I cry a little on the inside every time I see  it. I can’t wait for halo 2 to arrive in the mail, and finnish the series. (I will ofc play the 4game when it comes out.)

Anyone else who love halo as much as I do?


Halo 4

I’m having a fucking hard time trying ti buy Halo 2. But I can’t find it anywhere! On marketplace the sell all the other Halo games, but not nr2!! FUU… I can’t find it at any  (norwegian) onlinestores either. Help?

But anyways, googling Halo2, Halo 4 suddely pops up at an online store. It’s probably old news but, they said the launch date was 17 february. But many other pages says september.  Anyone know anything about it?

Looks pretty sweet! John-117 is badass as ever. I want to continue playing, but since the second game is a fucking (where is)waldo, I guess I’ll have to put it on hold. To bad.